The Rebirth of a Label

Act 1

Secret Sin Records began life as the home of Angels Of Liberty, a Gothic Rock band from the UK created by Voe Saint-Clare, songwriter, musician, and mastermind of the project, with backing vocals from his wife, Scarlet Powers. Voe created the label as a tool for publishing his own work but very quickly brought other acts into the SSR fold, including Snakedance, Minnie D’arc, and Fear Inc, to name a few.... 

In April 2011 the debut single/track “Monster In Me” was released. Initially a limited edition of 25 cassette tapes were produced and given away free to fans. It was also released on YouTube and hailed by Mick Mercer as the “Debut EP of the year.” 

The “Black Madonna EP” was released in October 2011 and sold out within weeks. This was then followed in November 2012 by AOL’s first full length release, “Pinnacle Of The Draco”. 

The enthusiastic response to Pinnacle, combined with regular rotation in goth clubs around the world, confirmed Angels Of Liberty as one of the most exciting new bands to emerge in recent years. They were invited to perform at the October 2012 Whitby Gothic Weekend. However, they were unable to do so following a serious motorcycle crash which left Voe shaken: 


Scarlet Powers: “Voe was on the ground and heard a voice calling to him ‘Run! Run or you’ll die here!’ So he pulled himself up and ran away from the road. He left his bike behind and turned around to see a speeding car come around the bend and take his bike away from where it lay” 









Scarlet was in no doubt that Voe would have been killed had he not obeyed his intuition. The accident prevented the bands’ appearance at WGW and they were never invited back. 

Over the next three years Voe licensed his music out to reach a wider audience, but soon found that in doing so had entered a world beyond even his own dark imaginings. Snakes and Serpent demons were not just the stuff of song and fiction; they existed in human form, feeding on his creations. 

By early 2016 it became obvious to everyone that all was not well and Voe released a statement announcing that Angels of Liberty had permanently severed ties with their licensing label and would “speak for themselves in the future.”

Voe anticipated that future to be imminent, stating that the long awaited third Angels of Liberty album would be released on Secret Sin Records later that year. 

However, what followed was a protracted legal disagreement, with the threat of court action bringing an end to the duplication and releasing of material no longer permitted by the band. 

During all of this Voe continued to work on his music, while talking to fans and friends all around the world. Voe had time for just about everybody that contacted him, until about February of 2017. 

Voe became deathly ill and stopped answering his messages, he closed accounts and even though he’d been working on the new album, stepped back from the limelight and, for some, disappeared without a trace. 


Voe passed away on April 18, 2017. His departure was not advertised, it was not spread on social media, it was done in peace and without public knowledge. 

Act 2 

Sadly, Voe Saint-Clare was unable to keep his promise to release his third album. Nobody knows why, but shortly before his death, he wiped his computer and cleared his accounts, everything was gone. Well, almost everything. He chose to keep some files hidden, locked away deep in his computer hard drive. 

It was to be one more year before the world would hear of Voe’s passing. Voe’s disappearance from social media became the cause of some speculation amongst fans and some friends as well. Having chosen to keep his illness private, his passing remained equally private. 

The peace was broken on the 2nd anniversary of Voe’s death in April 2019 by the bands’ former label/license owner who announced the release, on a new label, of an Angels of Liberty compilation of previously-released tracks. It was discovered that this would also include an unlicensed, bootleg copy of the unreleased Servant of the Grail track “Innana.”copies of which had already been sold on pre-order.


Messages flew to and fro, both privately and publicly over the unlicensed
compilation, but finally in June 2019 Secret Sin Records Ltd went on to release
the final Angels of Liberty album, Servant Of The Grail.


It was not long before a revived SSR released a second album, “As The Young Die” by Costa Rican band Last Dusk, which then paved the way for a host of new bands and new releases. To date, these are as follows; 

Guillotine Dream (UK), Something Shining Something Bright EP

The Kentucky Vampires (USA) TKV 12” Green Vinyl Album

Red Apple Cvlt (CR) Immaculate EP

Fear Incorporated (UK) Songs For Midnight’s Children

Merry’s Funeral (TR) Medusa

Scary Black (USA) Shadow Dwellers

Grey Gallows (GR) Shades

Gina Stone (UK) Webs & Ashes

Screaming Dead (UK) Resurrection EP 


For Scarlet and those close to Voe this was too much, not least because the third Angels of Liberty album had been rescued from the shadows where it had dwelt since Voe’s passing. Scarlet had also authorized the re-formation of Secret Sin Records for the release of the long awaited and much anticipated Angels of Liberty 3rd Album Servant of the Grail

Plans are in place for more releases, Secret Sin Records Ltd continue to grow and move forward with new and established artists joining the label. With 2020 fast approaching, there will be live events and more collaborations in store. Stay tuned!