Angels of Liberty, out of the UK, was started around 2011 by Voe Saint- Clare and Scarlet Powers. Over the course of 4 years the band released 2 full albums as well as 4 EPs. During that time they also started Secret Sin Records, not only to release their own music, but also that of other artists. The band had picked up a rather large following and were working on a 3rd album when the vocalist and guitar player of the band ,Voe Saint-Clare passed away due to Cancer.


The album they had been working on had been completed, but never got a release. Scarlet Powers, wife and surviving member of the band is now working with the resurrected Secret Sin to release that final album.


                                               A word about Voe

Voe Saint Clare was not only a great musician, but also a huge advocate for Goth and the scene as well as a great friend to countless fans. He was never too busy to take the time for anyone that ever reached out to him. Everyone here at Secret Sin Records knew and were deeply effected by him and we firmly believe the continuation of his label as well as the release of his unreleased material is exactly what he would want. His passing caught everyone off guard as he never spoke about his condition publicly, but once the word got out the reaction was a testament to how great this scene truly is. I have never seen such a large outpouring of genuine sorrow and remembrance.  His words "Let us remember those, taken far too soon" could not possibly be better applied than to the very man who wrote them...



Pinnacle of the Draco

released November 5, 2012 

All Tracks Voe Saint-Clare & Scarlet Powers, Track 11 additional Vocals by Rod Hannah & Marc McCourt.


released October 30, 2015 

Music- Voe Saint-Clare & Scarlet Powers, Vocals & Lyrics Voe Saint-Clare, Cover Art - Ariosto N. Uribe

EPs & Singles

Monster In Me

released June 6, 2011 

Voe Saint-Clare Vox & Synths 
Scarlet Powers Backing Vox & Synths


released May 16, 2012 

Complicated Writen and produced by Voe Saint-Clare for Secret Sin Records. 
Monster In Me Written by Voe Saint Clare, Remixed by Kitty Lectro.

The Black Madonna

Voe Saint-Clare Vox & Synths 
Scarlet Powers Backing Vox & Synths


released November 10, 2011 

All tracks written and produced by Voe Saint-Clare for Secret Sin Records

Touch the Daemon

released April 30, 2014 

All tracks Voe Saint Clare 2014, Secret Sin Records

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