Carfax Haddo: Vocals & Bass
Stephanie Sabat: Drums
Roberto Thomas:Guitars

Last Dusk is a Goth Rock Band
founded by Carfax Haddo in Costa Rica in 2010.

In 2012 released their first EP "Trismegistus”
Signed by Deadfall Artist / Band Management UK in 2013.
2014 saw the band's live debut in Grecia, followed by Cartago and Palmares, Alajuela all in Costa Rica
During that same year the band changed most of its members leaving only its original Vocalist / Bassist and their emerging/current drummer: Stephanie Sabat.

In September 2015 Last Dusk played at Sacrosanct, Reading with The Last Cry, , NU:N, The Last Dance, Yabanci, Whispers
In The Shadow, Age Of Heaven
Grooving In Green, Horror Vacui .

In November 2015 Last Dusk steps in Martenitsa Recording Studio to start their debut album »memento mori« with Ariel Maniki as Guest Guitarist including the song "Broken Altar of the Brazilian band «Das Projekt »as part of »A Magnis Maxima« 25th anniversary tribute album.

By March 2016 Melissa MT joined Last Dusk as Guitarist and also takes part on the album´s recording.
April 2015 Last Dusk finishes their debut album recording, to focus on live shows.

Melissa´s Brother, Javier joined as a new keyboardist this new lineup debuts on June 18 in “Casa Sueca Bar” Palmares, Alajuela with national bands Sex and Blood and Ariel Maniki & The Black Halos.

"Trad Goth Party" July 15, 2016 was Last Dusk´s first concert in San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica.
On 16 July 2016 the band officially announced Javier MT as new bass player.

Their Debut Album CD is finally released on August 16, 2016
Under Brazilian label Deepland Records
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ariel Maniki at Martenitsa Studio, San José Costa Rica
Produced by Last Dusk and Ariel Maniki.

2017 has been full of local gigs and still keep playing and also creating new material.

July 29th 2017, Siblings Melissa and Javier quit officialy from the band due personal motivations, Roberto Thomas takes the Guitar place and Carfax takes back his place on the Bass and continues as Singer.

December 2nd 2017, Roberto Thomas debuts as Guitar Player at La Hoguera Rock Fest And Camping, Cartago, Costa Rica.



Carfax Haddo

Roberto Thomas

Nefertari Sabat

Wayne Reid


Memento Mori

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ariel Maniki at Martenitsa Studio, San José Costa Rica 
Produced by Last Dusk and Ariel Maniki. 

Recorded between November 2015 and April 2016.

released August 16, 2016 

Lyrics by Carfax Haddo except: Track 5 »The Devil´s Flower« Music and Lyrics: Mark Musolf (music recorded at Martenitsa Studio) and Track 6 music and lyrics by Das Projekt. 

Music by : Last Dusk & Das Projekt. 

Stephanie Sabat: Drums on all tracks, Guest Voice on track 5 intro. 
Melissa: Guitars on 1,4,5,8. 
Ariel Maniki: Guitar on 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7, Bass on 5,6,7,8, Keyboards on 2,3,4,7. 
Mark Musolf : Guest Vocals on track 5 »The Devil´s Flower«: (Mark´s vocals recorded & mixed by David Whitaker at Czar Street Studios , Leeds UK. 
Fondas Sumerson: Guest Intro Voice on track 8. 
Andrés Trespe: Keyboards on tracks 1,5,6,8. 
Carfax Haddo: Vocals on all tracks, Bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, Guitar on track 7. 
Cover taken from : Joel-Peter Witkin. 
An ANK Records CR and Dead Fall Records UK, independant release. 
Last Dusk 2016 © ℗

As the Young Die

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Ariel Maniki at MediaLuna Studio, San Jose Costa Rica

releases June 19, 2019 

Intro(Vision) in Touch written and read by Wayne Reid himself taken from his book "My Book-innit?" 

Intro (3 Spires) in Wanderlust written and read by Wayne Reid himself taken from his book "My Book-innit?" 

Music:Last Dusk / Track 8 Music By Stuart Hartbut from Rain Children 

Vocals&Bass: Carfax Haddo 

Drums:Stephanie Sabat 

Guitars:Roberto Thomas 

Guest Vocals> Ian and Gabriel, Eva Red, Louis Solano and Diego de Modus 

Lyrics by> Wayne Reid, Stephanie Sabat, Paul Eluard, Carfax Haddo

EPs & Singles

Trismegistus EP

First EP, released in 2012

released September 2, 2012 

Music: Last Dusk 
Lyrics: Carfax Haddo

The Outsider

Based Upon "The Outsider" a short story by American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Written between March and August 1921, it was first published in Weird Tales, April 1926.


I must have lived years in this place 
But I cannot measure time 

Don’t you take my hand 
I am not a friendly man 
Don´t you ever ask my name 

Rushing up the few steps 
Beyond the door; but the 
Sudden veiling of the moon 
caused me to 
Stumble- and I felt my way 
More slowly in the dark 

I did not shriek, but all the fiendish ghouls 
that ride the nightwind shrieked for me 

Beings must have cared for my needs, 
Yet I cannot recall any person except myself, 
or anything alive but the noiseless rats and bats and spiders. 
I know always that I am an outsider; 
a stranger in this century 
and among those who are still men.

released August 31, 2015 
Recorded 08/22/15 
Music by Last Dusk: Drums by Stephanie Sabat, Vocals by Carfax 

Lyrics.H.P. Lovecraft and Carfax 

Recorded and Mastered by Ariel Maniki at Martenitsa Studio , San José , Costa Rica


First single from our second album "As The Young Die" recorded, mixed and mastered by Ariel Maniki, at MediaLuna Studio, San Jose, Costa Rica 

Cover Photo; Roberto Thomas 2018 Warwick Castle​


I feel, this is not my time, and I know this is not my place 
And I wonder how to change it, always working in silence 
No self-repressing and I judge myself before anyone else 
I know I must do only my will 

Distant worlds are calling my name 
Beyond pleasure and pain 
I am walking away 
From crowded places- 

I am not the same man I used to be 
You have lost all your power over me 
I will not put the other cheek, not this time 
Don´t you try to get stuck in my memories, 
Don´t you try to hold me

released February 9, 2019 
Guest vocals Eva Red (Red Apple Cvlt) 
Lyrics:Carfax Haddo 
Music:Last Dusk :Drums:Stephanie Sabat, Guitars:Roberto Thomas, Vocals and Bass, Carfax Hadd

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First Book from Wayne Reid, .Lyricist for the Band "Last Dusk" and one of the key contributors to the rebirth of Secret Sin Records. 



Second Book from Wayne Reid, Lyricist for the Band "Last Dusk" and one of the key contributors to the rebirth of Secret Sin Records.