NU:N, Portuguese band of Goth Rock, formed in Oporto in 2014, by Francisco Vaudeville (bass), T.M. (vocals) and Pedro Eternal (guitar). 
Assuming as an inspirational source the vast alternative universe of Goth Rock, NU:N creative body is influenced by bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Fields of Nephilim, Suspiria, as well as The Doors, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Joy Division, Ministry, NIN ... but maintaining its own identity, both musical and aesthetic. 
Lyrically the inspiration emerges from experiences of life, literature, cinema, death, sex, mysticism among others. 

: nothing unveils nothing / 2014 : 
During the Saturnalia of 2014 they record their debut album called "nothing unveils nothing" via Black Genesis Records, initially in digital format, comprising in this record seven original tracks plus a cover of "in april of 1984", original of the band Vestigia. 

On January 15, 2015, the album is released in CD format, in a limited edition of 500 copies, also via Black Genesis Records, including the extra remix tracks titled "scorpio rising: flesh mix", produced by Tom Simons (This Veil of Tears) and "dance to the sun: nihilistic version".


Without any publicity, on September 30, 2014, the band performed for the first time on stage at the Mercedes Bar Porto, Portugal, in a secret concert, only for guests, friends and the press .
The interest in the public and the press of the genre has earned the NU:N many invitations to perform in clubs and festivals.
In order to promote the album during 2015, the band performs in charismatic European festivals such as the Sacrosanct Festival in the city of Reading, United Kingdom and the SGM Festival Gothic Week in Madrid, Spain, also performing in Porto and Almada, In Portugal, leading to the materialization of his growing reputation as an obscure band cementing his underground status.
In these concerts NU:N shared the stage with international bands like Age of Heaven, Last Dance, The Last Cry, Winter Severity Index, Ash Code, Aeon Sable, Frank the Baptist, Red Sun Revival, etc.
: The compilations 2015/2016 :

In 2015 and 2016, the band participates in several international compilations, recording for this purpose new singles themes, such as the tracks :Under Your Stars Above: for Voices From Mislealia I- Italy, : It´s a Goth Revolution (Sacrosanct Mix) : featured on Road to Sacrosanct Fetsival - UK and :Elysium for the Weak: for the Orkus Magazine – Germany. The band also participated in the CD "Magnis Maxima - Tribute to Das Projekt", with the theme "Morbid Love", a tribute to the band Of Brazilian Gothic Rock Das Projekt, theme that deserved the recording of a new video.

: naked until noema / 2016 : 

At the beginning of 2016 the band began to compose songs that would be part of the second album, "naked until noema." Recorded, mixed and mastered between July and September 2016 at Vulcanalia Studios, the new album appears as an intriguing album that adds a new Layer to the career of the band, where elements of pure Gothic Rock, Industrial, Post-Punk and Darkwave are involved by circus and Arab melodic constructions.
With 11 songs and a duration of 56:26 minutes, "naked until noema" is a more obscure, mystical and intimate work.
The album features a number of prominent artists, from writing to music, including José Luis Peixoto, the acclaimed Portuguese Dramaturg and poet,  Oliver Heuer, leader of the iconic German band Sweet William and Carfax Haddo and Stephanie Sabat from the post punk band Last Dusk from Costa Rica.
At the end of September 2016, NU:N released the digital EP with the singles "ceremonial" and "carved silence" on the platform bandcamp, anticipating the new album. The album "naked until noema" is released on October 31, 2016, in CD and digital format, with a performance in the underground club of Heaven's Bell in Porto.

The new work brings together excellent reviews in the international press and is also very well received by fans of the Gothic Rock / Post Punk / Industrial movement.
For support of the album, in late 2016, two new videos of the themes "romeo without juliet" and "seeds of absence" are released followed for “green hour glides” video.
: I will show you fear in a handful of dust” / 2018
On 1st of November of 2018, NU:N have released an EP : I will show you fear in a a handful of dust
: on a very special and limited edition : a 10´vinyl with 3 different covers.
6 brand new musics, both torturous and melodically transcendent, diverse ambiences, vast
landscapes that incorporate elements of their influencies.
The band have releasead a video of “Midnight's Inertia - The vampire's Lair part II :a draft version:"
and  the single“shadows of love : in contempt”.


Tarannis M. BGenesis

Pedro EternalSleep

Francisco Vaudeville


Nothing Unveils Nothing

available in a limited edition cd with 2 extra tracks 
please visit www.freewebstore.org/blackgenesis

released December 22, 2014 

all music by NU:N 
except "in april of 1984" music by Vestigia 

lyrics by T.M. 

recorded & mixed by NU:N at Vulcanalia studios 
mastered & produced by NU:N 

to all the companions in our belief...

Naked Until Noema

available in a limited edition cd 
please visit www.freewebstore.org/blackgenesis

released October 31, 2016 

All music by NU:N 

Lyrics by T.M. except: 
"súplica" by José Luís Peixoto 
"remember me" by Oliver Heuer (Sweet William) 
"untitled" by Stephanie Sabat (Last Dusk) 
"green hour glides" by Francisco Vaudeville 

Featuring on vocals: 
Oliver Heuer (Sweet William) on "remember me" 
Stephanie Sabat (Last Dusk) on "untitled" 
Carfax Haddo (Last Dusk) on "Aethyr" 

Recorded & mixed & produced & mastered during 2016 by NU:N at Vulcanalia Studio 

to all the companions in our belief...

I Will Show You Fear In A Handful of Dust

available in a limited edition vinyl 10'' 

for more information please visit 

Deluxe 93 93 : 93 
limited edition of 33 hand numbered copies : from 1 to 33 
- 3 x vinyl 10" (different covers) 
- Tshirt * 
- Cloth bag * 
- Pin "NU:N 93 93 : 93" * 
- Signed photo by the band * 
- Backstage access pass 
- 1st concert 19.Sept.2015 original ticket * 
- Bandcamp free download code 
* exclusive items - not avaiable separately (ever!) 

Pack 93 93 : 93 
limited edition : handnumbered from 34 to 93 
- 3 x vinyl 10" (3 different covers) 
- Bandcamp free download code

released November 1, 2018 

all music by NU:N 
all lyrics by T.M. 

toutouic - traditional lullaby from Brittany : vocals by Diva of Destruction 
gotas - lyrics by Francisco M Angel, music by Francisco M Angel and Raúl López : originally recorded in the CD "Oblivion" by Remembrance

Recorded & mixed & produced & mastered during 2018 by NU:N at Vulcanalia Studio 

to all the companions in our belief...

EPs & Singles

Under Your Stars Above

taken from the debut CD released during Saturnalia 2014 

contact info: nothingunveilsnothing@gmail.com

music and lyrics by NU:N

Morbid Love: Das Projekt Cover

Taken from the cd "A Magnis Maxima - tribute to Das Projekt"

Recorded, mixed & mastered by NU:N at Vulcanalia studios during Dezember 2015

released December 24, 2015 
music by Das Projekt 
lyrics by Marcelo KPTA

Revenge: Darksynth 80's Tribute

NU:N new experiment - Revenge 

In the search for inspiration from the classics to find the perfect sound for their new album, NU:N return with Revenge - a darksynth 80's tribute 

Recorded, mixed & mastered by NU:N at Vulcanalia studios during February 2015

Music & lyrics by Al Jourgensen

Ceremonial: Carved Silence EP

taken from the second CD "naked until noema" that will be out next 31st October 

contact info: nothingunveilsnothing@gmail.com 

for the lyrics click in the track

released October 17, 2016

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