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The Kentucky Vampires is a collaborative effort whose creations began in Louisville Kentucky. Though considered a deathrock band at its core, TKV has been known to mesh elements of post-punk, goth rock, and horror rock into an experience, some have considered beautiful, but scary. TKV is now a signed member of a British label called Secret Sin Records LTD.

(Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums) Zac Campbell, an Indiana native is the brainchild of The Kentucky Vampires. He is both the lead electric guitarist for the band Deadnight Drive and The Kentucky Vampires. He is well known in Louisville in the underground scene for his solo projects, but has made TKV his permanent endeavor.

(Lead Vocals) Abbas Marler is a Kentucky native who has performed in multiple venues in the US. He has played in various bands to include Throne of Saturn as bass player. He began his experience with The Kentucky Vampires as the bassist when TKV was in it’s earliest creation. The original lead singer decided to step down to pursue his music projects, which gave Abbas the opportunity to take upon the role. Since then, he has contributed lyrics for most of the songs of their first album, “Blood Lust”, and the recent EP “Blood and Tears”. Both he and the band are currently working on their second album “Darkest Hour”, which will be release in December 21 2019.